What are e-PROMs?

Improving patient outcomes with e-PROMs

Feb 19, 2023

Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures (e-PROMs) are digital tools that allow patients to report their symptoms and health outcomes online, typically through a secure portal. e-PROMs are valuable because they provide clinicians with real-time information about how patients are feeling, which can be used to inform treatment decisions and improve the quality of care. Additionally, e-PROMs can help patients to better manage their health by providing them with personalized feedback and support.

e-PROMs can be used in a variety of clinical settings, such as chronic disease management, mental health care, and post-operative care. They can also be used to track population health outcomes and inform healthcare policy decisions. Overall, e-PROMs offer a promising approach to improving patient outcomes and enhancing the delivery of healthcare services.

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